Anabolic Running Review: What’s The Running Trick? Does It Work?

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This is the most brutally honest, no bullsh*t Anabolic Running review on the entire internet.

Anabolic Running is a program created by Joe LoGalbo, who claims that this program could potentially help you build “head-turning muscle,” while demolishing stubborn belly fat and increasing your sexual performance…

All of this in just 16 minutes per week.

Joe follows by saying that he’s found a strategy that science has proven to increase growth hormone by 530%.

He says that this approach will help you burn stacks of belly fat, build stacks of muscle, and help you to remain a “king in the bedroom.”

Wanna know if this product is legit, or full of bullsh*t?

Anabolic Running Review At A Glance

I’ll be completely honest with you: the product is great, but it’s not spectacular.

The “secret strategy” Joe talks about has been proven by science to increase testosterone, growth hormone, overall caloric expenditure, and all that jazz.

He’s also included some extra content that enhances the value of the product, and the fact that it’s only $15 makes me feel comfortable to recommend this product to you guys.